What is a Smoothie Booster?

Great question! Our organic smoothie boosters simply provide a healthy dose of whole food, plant-based nutrition to any smoothie.

You mix your smoothie as usual, and then toss in a scoop of one of our nutritional powders - and tada - you have a super smoothie with extra benefits like Organic Energy for energy support, Organic Digest to support healthy digestion and regularity, Organic Greens to get a healthy dose of green veggies, or Organic Protein with 15 grams of plant-based protein.*

So, what’s so special about our powdered blends? Each smoothie boost was formulated to supplement your diet and add some extra nutritional goodness. We started by reviewing hundreds of different ingredients until we identified the best real foods to support each benefit. Then, we carefully curated the best of the best so that they complement each other and work synergistically to optimally support the desired benefit.*

Additionally, our smoothie boosters were formulated to deliver the minimum impact on the flavor and texture of your smoothie. We avoid flavors and sweeteners, so you are in full control of the flavor and level of sweetness (no need to worry about that stevia aftertaste, because there is no stevia!).

We believe it’s not about the number of ingredients, but the quality of ingredients that’s most important. That’s why you’ll find that our formulations only contain four quality-tested, handpicked ingredients.

Plus, all of our ingredients are certified organic, gluten free and vegan. Our products are also free from all major allergens, contain no flavors or fillers, and are packaged here in the USA. We provide only the best for you and your smoothie enjoyment!

Alrighty, time to add some healthy benefits to your diet! So, prep your smoothie, toss in a scoop, and blend your way to honest-to-goodness wellness!* Click here to buy now.

If you need smoothie recipe ideas, we welcome you to visit the recipe section of our #Naturalized blog.

Enjoy and happy blending!