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Organic Digest

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Love your digestive system with our plant-based Organic Digest smoothie booster, and it will love you back. Combining gluten-free fiber from oats and Jerusalem artichoke, omega fatty acids from chia seeds, and the soothing support of Aloe vera, our Organic Digest supplement naturally supports regularity and digestion. Plus, we steer clear of any added flavors and other “extras” so you can experience the real taste of whole food nutrition.*

We guarantee you love it or your money back!

  • 7g whole food fiber per serving
  • A perfect balance of soluble (3g)  & insoluble fibers (4g) fibers
  • 3-week supply (21 servings)
  • Organic Jerusalem artichoke, chia seed, oat fiber, Aloe vera
  • Certified organic, vegan and gluten free
  • Non-GMO and allergen free
  • No added flavors or other "extras"

What does it taste like? Our Organic Digest blend has a very mild and slightly sweet natural flavor from oat fiber that is similar to oatmeal. It also thickens your smoothie creating an incredible texture that makes your smoothie taste even more rich and filling.

How do I use it? Because of the mild flavor, our Organic Digest supplement blends easily into nearly any smoothie recipe and was formulated for daily use. To maximize its natural oat-like flavor, try blending it with foods like apple, cinnamon, banana and cacao, or simply stir into your oatmeal. Some of our fans even add it to their oatmeal cookies.

For Organic Digest smoothie ideas and more, visit the recipe section of our blog.

With every Organic Digest you purchase, we donate 3 meals to nourish the hungry in the USA. Click the logo below to learn more.





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